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Breyth & Enzo Pimpas feat. Genny Py - É De Saquecer (Main Mix) #SP020 [PreView]

É de Saquecer

Cledy José Correia Figueira, Dj Breyth, born in Angola Luanda and resident in Lisbon, is a DJ and producer on the rise that has left a mark in the electronics music industry, more precisely Afro House.

At this time Breyth focuses on creating a professional DJ career, and how it needs hard work that requires a lot of love, dedication and profissionalism. On his career had the privilege of playing in some of the best night places in the city where he reside Lisbon, having as references houses as:
Lust In Rio, Hawaii, Escondidinho festival, Luanda Club, Bombar, Yama Club.

His subjects are touched by some of the great artists of electronic music such as DJ Erick Morillo, Djeff Afrozila, Boddhi Satva, Zepherin Saint, DJ Satelite, Dj Chuckie, Kura, among others.
'É De Saquecer', the latest work Breyth featuring Enzo PIMPAS and Genny Py, which will be released soon by the producing Seres Produções, which so far has received good feedback from great DJs and producers.”É De Saquecer' will burn many clues as the title indicate.
''Dj Breyth a promising talent of electronic Angolan music''
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